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RPG Map Editor

Imagine and create – quick and easy. Our editor has nothing superfluous, only the necessary functionality that will allow you to create a simple and understandable map without serious effort. We believe, nothing should limit players’ imagination. Our team has done everything to create maps as minimalistic as it is possible, while still being functional and very clear to both creators and players.

Editor applications :

  • Maps for Board games – with our editor you can easily create dozens of sketches for your company, just in time for the evening session. We believe, detailed elaboration is not so important, since the gamemaster can just show a simplistic map and give a hint of what players are supposed to imagine, instead of giving long and detailed explanations of what players see. As a result, the players are more involved and gamemaster saves time on preparations;
  • Maps for online RPG services – our editor creates all objects pixel by pixel, allowing you to easily scale your maps. With this advantage you will be able to use the maps at services such as Roll20;
  • Prototyping in game development – for the games development teams our tool is handy to create sketches with general outlines of locations. Make one and bring it to the discussion and later the designers will add the details directly into the game project.
RPG Map Editor
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RPG Icon Editor

It is known that it is almost impossible to create a universal library of objects. Something will always be missing. For example, you have very suitable icon, but something is yet not fitting... Down with restrictions! We just made a universal editor for you, which will allow anyone to create their own sprites, crucial for the particular game and specific people.

Editor applications:

  • Custom objects for maps – this application creates not only simple icons, thus with the help of basic geometric shapes one can create furnishings (beds, chairs, tables, statues), automated security systems and more. All objects will be sketchy, but there is no need in precise details - the imagination of your players will do the rest;
  • Icons for third-party programs – minimalistic style of our icons is ideal for the use in RPG map editors such as: Hextml, Hexographer and MapEditor. All these programs have the functions of loading images in PNG format. There may be some other programs to effectively use our icons, let us know if you will find one;
  • Icons for our projects – we do not impose restrictions on the commercialization of the created icons, use them however you want, if they are useful part of your commercial projects. Anything you want: printing, web sites and games applications – use our tool anywhere and anytime. We will be happy if you will share the results of your work, so we can create links to the projects supported by our application.
RPG Icon Editor
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When creating unique maps for role-playing games it is of course not enough to have only application for icons creation. T ability to create labels of different colors and styles would be handy, as well as having variety of textures would also be useful. And what about handling collisions of two different textures? And of course, you will not don’t want to be restricted only to the color schemes of objects that the developers offer you. Worry not – we have taken care of everything and we have three more stunning features.

  • Color scheme editor for objects

    The editor implements a set of basic graphic objects, for which we have created basic color schemes. However, it is just impossible to provide all the designing options that will satisfy everyone But what we have not provided, you can create - dye any item any color you want!

  • Texture editor

    Need red grass? Or maybe lava? Or even translucent hexagonal floor to look down at the people from the height of the 666th floor of your high-tech skyscraper. Yes, all this can be arranged! Our texture creation application allows you to create any texture that you may need., Cannot create texture yourself – no problem, just upload any texture you want and use it. We know you have a question: "what about the transition of one textures to others?". Our team has thought about this - the application for creating transition templates will help you. You can create the effect of gradual transition of one texture to another one.

  • Text preset editor

    The latest and smallest utility. One could ask: “Why not to put the text settings in the editor?”. Just imagine, you have 30+ texts on the map and you need to configure each manually, sounds like a lot of effort. Save time - create templates, and then apply them to the text. So simple.

Text preset editor
Color scheme editor for objectsColor scheme editor for objectsColor scheme editor for objects
Texture editor

Our mission

Books have a very interesting feature - they allow the reader to interpret written through the prism of their perception. Different characters and landscapes will look completely different in the view of each reader and, most interestingly, the character reader imagines will be very close for him.

Our team aims to achieve a similar effect with our RPG maps editor – we want our users to be able to perceive maps using their imagination. Of course, you can use one of the advanced graphics editors and spend lots time and effort in order to create a beautiful map based on your own imagination. But is that what you want for your players? We believe that players deserve freedom of imagination. All this formed the following goals for our project:

  • Maps should be created quickly and simply – it makes no sense to spend more than 30 minutes to draw one map. We believe, It is quite disappointing to spend 6 hours for map creation, while the game session lasted only 3 hours. We are sure, one would rather invest more time in plot development;
  • Maps should be simple and clean – the objects on the map should have minimal details, so that the user simply understands what is he dealing with: "bench", "table", "anvil". The player can quite easily develop detailed appearance of the object through his imagination, which additionally supports involvement;
  • Users should be able to generate objects – the limited number of graphic objects and their mismatch to the needs of players is one of the biggest issues of all map editors . How often have you come across the problem that you need a "cryostasis chamber" which is colored in specifically blue and pink, while the closest item the editor has is a sarcophagus and there are no cyberpunk objects. We want game masters to be able to create any objects they need themselves.

The main goal of our project was to create a universal tool that would allow anyone to create their own unique worlds and adventures.

We are very proud that now we are helping to create not only the Internet inhabitants, but also a huge army of tabletop role-playing games fans.


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Our Story

It has began more than 20 years ago with three young guys full of enthusiasm and a desire to change something in this life. Even then, we were not satisfied with just using the works of other people. We wanted to develop and create endlessly. It all started with translations for various game projects and with creation of some small indie games that were distributed among friends.

And there you have it, the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind appeared on the world stage with its legendary TES Construction Set, which opened almost limitless possibilities for creative implementation, and gave the opportunity to share one’s creativity with a many people around the world. Later it became clear that it was not enough for us to just share our creativity with others. We wanted not only to create, but also to allow people with less technical capabilities, but with a large supply of imagination, to share their ideas with others. And that was time, when our first Internet project was created Not only it allowed gamers to share their addition to Morrowind with each other, but it was also a real forge of imagination. Lots of people implemented all their ideas, organized teams: someone wrote unimaginable fascinating stories, someone realized them self in programming, and someone proved themselves as artists and were able to share their work with fans. Thousands of works have found their viewer/reader/player thanks to this community.

Fullrest continued to delight players with the release of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. To make our users time on forum even more interesting, we implemented various role-playing game , so they can play game while they do discussion.

Soon after the release of Skyrim it became known about the development of the Elder Scrolls Online and we threw many forces to share the details of the development with players, to tell them more about the upcoming game and to help them to get the maximum amount of information by the time of the launch. For this purpose new project was created - which still helps players to get the latest news from the game.

Soon it became clear that we could no longer limit our creativity to the tools provided by Bethesda and directed our efforts to the development of new projects. One of the first was the service for image storing and processing, which allowed everyone to download, store and process their drawings and photos without quality loss. Unlike many other internet projects, our service is completely free of charge and has no ads, since comfort of our users is one of our goals.

And here comes year 2018. Having numerous ideas and developments collected over the past years our team decided that it is not anymore enough for us to simply offer tools to share creativity. We knew, it was time to create a tool that will allow our users to CREATE. And this is when RPG inferno story starts...

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