Text editor

A guide to creating fantasy Text styles

Text editor

Text editor

When creating maps, you usually need to add all sorts of textual markings, such as town names or the like. At first glance, adding text is not much of a challenge, but things get tricky when you`re putting text on a map that adheres to a particular visual style and plain black text will look out of place.

In most map editors, this problem is solved simply by adding text and then changing its colour or style and maybe even the font. This process has to be repeated over and over again, but what if you need 20 markings on the map? Adjust each of them? Well, perhaps the developers gave you the opportunity to create some kind of text preset that you can use with the map. But if you are working on 10 maps as part of the same adventure or world, do you have to make the same text styles for each map time after time? Sounds like a tedious process.

Keeping with the idea of a cloud-based ecosystem for our hex map editors and battle map editors, we have developed an app to create predefined styles for text. We believe it is worth investing a couple of minutes to customise your text colour scheme and then use it wherever and whenever you want, since everything is stored in the cloud. Spend five minutes and save hours.

Editor description

The text editor is an overlay application that is accessible whenever you need it from any interface, so you can add and edit text styles right while you are creating your hex or local map. All changes will be immediately applied to your current map and all your maps.

We strived to make the editor as simple and intuitive as possible and, as with all our programs, this editor has a familiar layout: left panel, central canvas and right panel.


We hope this description of the text colour scheme editor functionality has given you enough infor-mation. With this little module you will be able to achieve full control over the creation of your maps, even in such a small task as adding text. If you have any feedback on functioning of this editor, do drop us a line in Discord.

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