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A guide to creating fantasy Icons

Icon editor

RPG icon editor

The Icon Editor is not just an image making application that you can use in the RPG map editor or when creating worlds in the hex map editor. Our RPG icon editor is a tool that allows you to create SVG icons of any format. We`ve even helped our friends create logos and illustrations for other projects with our application.

This application is probably the most difficult one to understand and master in the entire RPGInferno ecosystem, even more difficult than the map editors, simply because in those everything is quite straightforward, while the icon editor has so many intricacies and subtleties that sometimes even we — developers — forget what it can do.

It is worth noting that this application will not let you create three-dimensional objects. You can imitate volume in different ways, but the editor`s main task is to create flat 2D icons, which have good scala-bility without quality loss.

Editor description

The icons editor is an overlay application which is available at all times, so you can add and edit icons while creating RPG or hex maps. All changes will be applied immediately to the current map and to all your maps.

We strived to make the editor as simple and intuitive as possible and, as with the object editor, this editor has a familiar layout: left panel, central canvas, right panel and toolbar.

Each mode has its own list of icons; the list contains all the available colour icons; like in the other apps the list is divided into 3 categories: community, subscriptions and your personal schemes.

The canvas consists of three sections where the controls are located: the settings panel, the interactive canvas and the bottom panel.

  • The decorations of the primitive
    are provided as Blur and Opacity sliders.

This way we solve a huge problem — with the help of palettes we can easily create colour schemes for icons. The minimum number of colours in a palette is 1. If you only have one colour, you can`t remove it.

Suppose you need to draw a ring, how do you do that? Well, normally you would take a circle and cut a hole in it, but that`s not an option in our editor — we only have circles. So what do we do? We need to make two circles, one larger in diameter and the other smaller and use the smaller circle to cut out a part of the circle with the larger diameter. To do this we need to use two settings: whom the current shape cuts ("I cut") and who cuts the current shape ("Cuts me").

So, we still can`t finish our ring: a small circle remains in the centre, how do we get rid of it? Well, that`s easy, just set "Cuts me: ALPHA" for the small circle — this way the circle will cut out all those that are being cut out by alpha, including itself! And voila — mission accomplished!

The last function on the list of primitives is group selection of primitives. You can press the "ctrl" button and while holding down the mouse button, select the needed primitives by framing them; clicking with the pressed "ctrl" button also works.


RPG icon editor is the most advanced application of our ecosystem. Using it, you can make absolutely any 2D icon you want, the only limit is your imagination. If you find yourself missing a piece of jewellery or a fancy store while using our RPG map editor, you will most probably be able to come up with a minimalistic design and create those objects with our RPG icon editor.

Of course, you are not limited solely to making icons with our editors: create all kinds of images, including game and web graphics. We do not impose any restrictions on the use of our application — create without any constraints, we will only be glad. And please don`t forget to share your opinions with our team in the Discord channel.

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